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The Basic rate for local Piano Tuning is just $90.00.

I set appointments usually a week in advance and always allow 2 hours to go through your piano. Usually pianos in good condition take about 1 1/2 hours for the basic tuning but I always allow a little extra time for the unexpected.

Once the piano is tuned, if there are any minor repairs or adjustments that I can take care of, well,  those are no extra charge. Anything more extensive or requiring parts that need to be replaced are extra. Parts are billed on a piece by piece basis and all of the more time consuming repairs are billed at the basic service rate of $45.00 per hour.


Just want you piano evaluated to see where you stand?


The local service call is just $45.00 for the first hour. Anything that I can take care of in that time is included (parts extra of course).


Just want to talk about it and get an idea of what to do?

Just give me a call. Phone calls are free!



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